Getting to know our instructors.


Matt. 26. British.

How did you end up living on Gili air?

I came to visit my cousin who was on holiday here few years ago, and I then met Chris at blue marine who offered me a job teaching.

What made you stay?

Gili air has an atmosphere that makes people want to stay on the island. The people I've met are great fun with lots of energy and happy vibes.

When did you first start diving?

The first time I dived was in Turkey when I was around 19, but I didn't do my open water course until I was living in the Philippines. I must have been 22.

What made you want to learn how to dive?

I planned to travel around Asia for a long time, teaching diving is a great way to be able to stay in places for longer.

How long have you been an instructor for?

A little over 3 years.

What made you want to teach others how to dive?

I really enjoy showing people the underwater world for the first time. It is like entering a whole other planet that people are very easily captivated by.

What has been your most memorable experience underwater?

Diving with thresher sharks in the phillipines. Watching them swim out of the water and stare at you with their beady eyes was incredible.

How many dives have you done?

Over 500

Where in the world have you dived?

Australia, Turkey, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam, UK and Indonesia.

Have you taught in those countries too?

No, only in Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia and UK.
What's your favourite dive site around the gills The harbour at night. Whenever I dive there I find something that I'm genuinely excited about finding.

Why did you choose blue marine to dive and teach?

Blue marine is very much a family rather than a typical dive shop business. You don't feel like your just working for a business and its in a great quiet location. Everybody that works here is great fun.

Do you have an underwater fun fact?

Octopus have three hearts and blue blood.

What's next?

Tec diving and moving into underwater film.