Getting to know our instructors


Musa. 22. Indonesian.  


How long have you lived on Gili Air?

22 years - since I was born.


How long has your family lived on Gili air?

My family is not originally from here. My fathers from Lombok and moved here in the 80's and my mum's Scottish, they met on the island.

When did you first start diving?

In 2010, 5 years ago. Made it into a profession 2012.

What made you want to learn to dive?

My mum, aunt and uncle are instructors and dive masters. They are always telling stories and talking about diving, it sounded so interesting and fun so that made me want to learn as well. 


How long have you been an instructor?

1 year today!!


What made you want to teach diving?

To put smiles on people's faces when they realise how beautiful the underwater world is. I love that I can help people learn how to dive and help them improve their skills.


What has been your most memorable experience underwater?

Diving with more or less 20 mantas in one dive, just watching them coming and going on the cleaning stations. Definitely can't get that dive out of my head!


How many dives have you done?

Just over 1000.


How did you start at Blue Marine?

I was in university and then I got an offer from Chris to do my Divemaster here. I feel so comfortable here, it's a really nice shop to work in. 


Have you always dived with Blue Marine?

No, I did my Openwater and Advance courses at another dive shop and everything else with Blue Marine. 


What's your favourite dive site around the Gili Islands?

Hans reef. You can find so many little critters there. All the strange kind of fish which are my favourite to look for. 


Do you have an underwater fun fact?

All ribbon eels are born as males and are black with a yellow dorsal fin. As they mature, the male eels turn mostly bright blue with yellow accents around the mouth and dorsal fin. After the males body reaches a certain length, it begins to turn yellow and develops female parts until it's able to lay eggs!!


What's next?

I want to stay teaching with Blue Marine for as long as I can.