In Diving or in Yoga: Never hold your breath!

Never hold your breath, you must have heard this on your first Blue Marine Discover Scuba Diving, and again so many time if you did your Open Water Diver Course. And if you have already followed some yoga classes, you might as well have heard your professor telling you not to hold your breath, even as you are sweating to keep your balance on a difficult pose. So as you can see, diving and yoga have a very big connection: Breathing is the most important thing.

Mandalablue yoga in Blue Marine Dive Gili Air

During yoga, you learn how to calm your breathing, to calm your mind, to be in the present moment and not be disturbed by any invading thoughts. Scuba diving will bring you the same kind of peace, a moment out of time where you will be fully in contact with yourself and conscious of the experience that you are living. Samantha Allen, a diver and yogi explains her experience like this: "Yoga and scuba diving both produce a sense of tranquility that’s like a vacation from the stresses of ordinary life. Both can create a meditative state of mind that allows you to live fully in the present moment.When I dive, my mind goes quiet so I can enjoy the natural world and the sensation of soaring above the sea floor. Even on land, diving can act like a shortcut to the meditative mind." (

After diving, you usually come out with a feeling of happiness, and inner peace, realizing how lucky you are to have lived this special experience. Many say that they get the same feeling after meditation or yoga practice. Doing both activities can only be of benefit. As you learn to master your breathing through yoga, you will enjoy longer dives and extend this well being brought by the no gravity world.

Our divecenter Blue Marine Dive already offers on Gili Air a full range of Yoga courses on site. With its beautiful setting right on the beach you can only unwind by being in this place. Taking a step further and closer to the water, you can also try yoga on a stand-up-paddle board! All those courses are available as well on Gili Trawangan and the SUP yoga course is to be watched every morning from the Blue Marine Dive Center as they start from the beach area there. Don't hesitate to ask your diving instructor about where to join yoga courses or how to schedule your diving after your morning yoga class. You can contact us anytime via our facebook pages : Blue Marine Dive Trawangan or Blue Marine Dive Resort

And if you want to learn more about SUP, stay tuned, an article will come soon.

More info on yoga and diving on the padi website:

SUP Yoga @ mandalablue yoga - Blue Marine Dive

SUP Yoga @ mandalablue yoga - Blue Marine Dive